Beware of Scams!

Why is it that when people decide to run a scam they so often direct the scam at the elderly and at veterans?

One thing we all need to be careful of is companies that try to trick us by using a business name that sounds like an official U.S. government office. A favorite trick of scammers is to use a business name that sounds very much like it’s associated with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

These businesses may contact you, using their official-sounding name, in order to gather your personal information, which later can be used for financial fraud, identity theft, etc.

Veterans should be especially careful of organizations that promise to help with VA claims. If you ever have any doubt about anyone who asks for your personal information, or offers to help with a VA claim, do not respond to the e-mail or to the letter. If you are contacted by phone, hang up. Then, before going any further, contact a local veterans-assistance officer, or contact the VA directly to get the facts.

Above all, never give out your personal information unless you are 100 percent sure of who you are dealing with.

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